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Page history last edited by Will Hardiman 11 years, 8 months ago


I have finally finished and based all my Macedonians for an army of 550 points in FOG.  It can be increased to 650 points by adding a Thracian and a Hoplite unit.  This army started as a Lancashire Miniatures army from no particular lists, then headed towards the DBM list, then completly re-started in Xyston and chaged list to DBMM 200, before finaly settling on FOG.  In all it has taken about 8 years to come to this, the first time I can call it finished.  However finished is always a transient thingy and I will one day be expanding it to 800 points with further options such as Hypasist Pike so that I can legaly use the Elephants. The figures are all Xyston


The old pictures are still available at fieldofglory.free.fr/index.php



















The Elephant (not a great shot but I liked the angle)




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